Brief Notes About The Web Hosting Industry

Brief Notes About The Web Hosting Industry

Brief Notes About The Web Hosting Industry

For this article, I will be referring to the Web Hosting Industry as the one that offers web hosting as the main product and all that is associated with that. There are giants like Azure,  AWS, Google, Oracle, and IBM that all offer cloud products far beyond that web hosting derivates.

The fact

There are a huge number of Web Hosting companies all around the world and all are similar in some aspects and different in others, but they all offer Web Hosting, which is the perfect place to go when you want a Web Site. I said the perfect place as you will get up and running your site faster than any other alternative you could ever think of, including any of the giants.

Shared Hosting, Domain name, WordPress, and Email Hosting are the main products and what the majority of customers apply for. Some other companies offer VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting where dedicated resources are given when need it.

What customers must know

1.- Do web hosting companies own data centers?.

The majority of web hosting companies do not own servers. Datacenters own the servers and they are rented for that purpose. Some data centers rent space in their racks and some company locates their servers there, and some others offer for rent one quarter, medium, three quarter, and the whole rack for others to place their devices.

Some data centers offer cages and these are measured in square meters as these are closed rooms. Only the tenant has access to the cages and installed the devices they want.

2.- Why can you host your website directly in a data center?

In theory, you could and some people do but, data centers do not offer software support. In general, they give you access to the servers through a remote console for you to work around your software implementation and troubleshooting. What they offer is technical hands when some hardware is faulty, they are the only ones that can change, replace or fix those parts. That is all.

3.- But from all the options available on the market, what would be the best for you?.

The first thing to consider is your location or the place where your customers are located. The idea is that your service is as close as possible to your target. If you live in Germany and you are planning to build a website for a company in Germany then the most obvious place would be to select the service as close as possible to the country.

But this is not a rule anymore, as the technology behind the internet backbones allowed you to consider the whole continent as your geographic border, meaning that any provider in Europa can supply you with excellent service if their servers are located inside the same geographic area. The same is true in America, Asia, Australia, and so on.

4.- What should I take into consideration for a Web Hosting Provider?

There are a few facts to consider before you obtain a Web Hosting service:

  • First, as we said before, you must consider the location of the service, if you are in Europe then you better get a service located inside the continent.
  • Second, you would have a piece of mind selecting a service that you can upgrade in the future. If your website grows then you would need a better plan or service.
  • Third, considered the framework you are interested in developing your site and choose a place that offers the most suitable for you. has a good range of products for this purpose, same as others of course.
  • Fourth, support is really important. You must consider a place where you would grant the most satisfying experience.
  • Fith, the SLA and agreement policies, not many people pay attention to this but you must consider a place that will offer you security and guarantee of uptime. You won't appreciate the shortage of services if they have not been planned and notified before.
  • Sixth, remember that some of these services are based in a shared environment, and you must be considered that resources are been shared too. Some companies over-crowd their servers as they make more profit by investing less in technology. shared services are far for been over-crowd and this guarantee a smooth-running service even when you are using the smaller of the plans.


If you are looking for a place to host your website then considered use a Web Hosting Company, you will be able to publish your website faster than any other option. Considered a company in the same geographical area. Consider a place where you are sure you can grow as your business does. Consider a company that so not overcrowd the services and that offers good security and a decent SLA agreement. Consider a place where the support is going to give you the most appreciable experience.