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    Email Hosting with OX

    The Essential of Email Hosting with OX

    OX App Suite is a powerful Email and Productivity App built for any-size business (and budget)

    Clear and intuitive. Folders and tabbed inbox to organize emails. Feature-rich sorting, searching and flagging. See attachments with attachment overview.

    OX Calendar Scheduling for business and private life. Personal, shared, and public calendars. A meeting scheduler for teams, groups, and resources. Scheduling on behalf of others.

    Centralized contact management. Shared and public address books. Automatic contact gathering. Synchronization with other devices.

    File handling and management. Synchronization for Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS. File and folder sharing. Integration with various back-end storage options.

    Lossless round-trip editing for MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and LibreOffice files

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    The modular email and productivity suite designed for you

    OX App Suite

    Ideal solution for starters



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    99.9% Uptime SLA

    Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

    10 GB Mailboxes Size

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    OX App Suite + Productivity

    Maximum power



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    99.9% Uptime SLA

    Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

    25 GB Mailboxes Size

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    OX Abuse Shield protects against threats in internet-connection authentication systems


    OX App Suite

    € 2.49 /mo

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    OX App Suite + Productivity

    € 3.99 /mo

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    99.9% Uptime SLA:

    Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam:

    Mailboxes Size:

    10 GB

    25 GB

    Mobile & Desktop Access (IMAP):

    Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks:

    CardDAV & CalDAV:

    Integrated Portal Page:

    Self-Service Migration Tool:

    Cloud File Storage:

    25 GB

    Online Office Suite:

    Create / Edit Word Docs:

    Create / Edit Spreadsheets:

    Create / Edit PowerPoint:

    Cloud File Storage

    Store and share your important documents safely in the cloud. And with (up to) 50 GBs, you'll have plenty of room for years to come.

    Calendaring & Contacts

    Communicate like an enterprise with shared calendaring, scheduling wizard, iCal support, and Global Address List!

    Lots of Email Features

    Your favorite email features are all here including Forwarders, Aliases, Auto-Responders, Filters, Signatures, Notifications, and more!

    Add Productivity Apps!

    Create, edit and share Microsoft Office docs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with App Suite's powerful online Apps.

    Bring your Apps

    Easily add your favorite email services and/or apps into App Suite; like Gmail, Dropbox, Zoom (coming soon), and more!

    Self-Migration Tool

    Easy self-service migration tool for uploading all your mails to your new Open-Xchange account.

    Uptime 99.9

    Rest assured with 99.9% uptime of your service level agreement, based yearly.

    Email Aliases

    Create many addresses for one mailbox. All emails addressed to the alias, are forwarded to one or more specified accounts.

    Anti-Virus / Spam

    OX App Suite fights to keep your inbox safe from spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks.

    Email Hosting With Open-Xchange

    Open Exchange is the best email and productivity suite designed for personal and all-size companies. It is an affordable product with the characteristics of a premium product. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow and a user-friendly design.

    Expect More from Email

    We’re committed to providing you with the most hassle-free environment for your WordPress site. You can easily grow when the time is needed.


    Secure and reliable; with 99.9% Uptime

    Use Webmail, Mobile, or Desktop Apps

    Huge 10GB & 50GB mailboxes

    Let's fight the Spam

    Using AI and predictive email defense software, OX App Suite fights to keep your inbox safe from spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks.

    Work Anywhere

    OX App Suite syncs across all your devices. And Mobile and Desktop access are no problem as OX App Suite works seamlessly across all native clients.

    Weaponize Your Curiosity

    Open to know more about OX products
    Email Hosting

    Open Exchange Security, Privacy, and Trust

    OX core approach

    Open-Xchange believes that privacy is a fundamental right for all users of communication services. As a result, we focus on delivering secure products and services that support privacy.

    To do this, OX has an established information security management system, which is supported by applying secure coding techniques and using independent product audits, penetration testing, and bug-bounty programs to anchor security in the development of their solutions. In addition, Open-Xchange products do not collect information that users don't want to share and they do not sell any data to third parties.

    Open-Xchange has also launched the Trusted Email Services (TES) initiative, aimed at raising awareness around email security threats and promoting the deployment of technologies that address trust, security and privacy issues.

    Open Exchange Four Commandments

    Open-Xchange solutions are developed according to the four Commandments of Trusted Internet Services:

    A service must be available from many providers.

    The service must (also) be available as software.

    It must be possible to move user data from one solution to the others.

    The software should be available as source code to everyone.

    Three Steps to Your Success

    We will help you to complete your goals in every step of the way.


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    It always amazes me every time I push to live my staging version, it is so easy with the auto-installer and it always does an automatic backup of the database...
    Katja R.
    I was using another company (the one starting for Go...), and WP was running, ridiculously slow. I decided to try here and the difference is huge...
    Miriam H.
    I use the Neteron builders and it works just fine. Support is great. Thanks.
    Leandro C.
    My site is hosted here and it runs just fine. Support is great and they always respond...
    Pete J.
    I migrated my site to here and my WordPress runs pretty fast after that, or at least it feels like it should be in this way, and resources are pretty good too...
    Miguel A.

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