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With Managed It Services you can sit and relax while we deal with all the technical aspects of your company

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    The Essential of Managed IT Services

    We will help you navigate the always-changing modern technology

    Developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for your organisation.

    Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems.

    You will significantly reduce cost compared to creating a comparable in-house team.

    Your business is absolutely confidential to us. We will work only with you in the specific tasks information.

    We can attend short time projects from a few hours to long term contracts.

    Help Desk and IT Support

    Technical support, track performance, and assurance that your infrastructure standards are maintained

    Network Enviroment

    Installing, configuring, and maintaining computers and peripherals in a networking environment.

    Desktop support

    Providing direct user assistance.

    Operating Systems and Applications

    Implementing Operating Systems and Applications.

    IT Security

    Assess current situations with the security and carry out audits.

    Critical infrastructure security

    The prevention of unauthorized users and devices from accessing your network and application

    Application security

    To improve security practices and detect security flaws in applications

    Network and Cloud security

    Detect and mitigate the last treats of your network and cloud bases infrastructure

    Network Manager

    All concern to installation and running of IT, data, and systems in your organization.


    Designing and implementing new network solutions and/or improving the efficiency of current networks.

    Installing, configuring, and supporting

    Network equipment including routers, servers, switches, Wlan, DNS, and DHCP.

    Monitoring and troubleshooting

    Reporting network status, investigating and troubleshooting faults in the network.

    Cloud Manager

    Administrative control over infrastructure, platforms, and applications deployed in your cloud provider.

    Bare metal and virtualization

    Implementing and configuring dedicated servers and virtualization technology.

    Software deployment

    And upgrades, system setup, system administration, monitoring, and incident resolution.

    Specific services

    File storage and backup, web-based email, web servers, database servers.

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      Email Server

      If you want to handle your email files and accounts.

      SSL Certificates

      A cryptographic key to your organization's details.

      Security Auditor

      Security policy, strong password, scan for open ports.

      Public and Private Cloud

      Managing your network in a high-level data center.

      Routing and Switching

      Switching and routing packages through networks.

      VPN and Tunnel Protocols

      Secure switching and routing packages through networks.

      File Sharing

      Secure file sharing, files in the cloud.

      Backups Manager

      Disaster prevention and data recovery.

      Spam Control

      Reducing 99.9 % of non-desired mails.

      Cloud Database

      Access to your database as a service from everywhere.


      Sharing your computational task among multiple devices and locations.

      User Accounts

      User access with control enforcement.

      Reliable and Professional

      We are committed to providing you with a unique designed custom-made service. Sit, relax and focus on your business while we deal with all the technical aspects of your company. From implementing a mail server or a file share server to web applications like WordPress and Joomla, or if you need to create a new email box, configure your DNS records, reduce your spam, migrate your infrastructure, keep security updates, or more interesting things like deploying your private Cloud, VPN tunnel protocols, Routing and Switching and more.

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