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    The Essential of MarketGoo SEO Tools

    Find traffic-driving keywords, build quality backlinks, and more.

    Displays the summary of your performance in terms of website success.

    Select your monitored keywords and assign them to each page on your.

    Get to know what your site’s SEO errors are and how to fix them step-by-step.

    Make the most of your website to attract and gain more customers.

    See what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO

    Choose Your MarketGoo SEO Plan

    Put your SEO plan into action and get a monthly progress report

    SEO Lite

    Perfect to start identifying & understanding a site's SEO issues



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    Search engine submission

    Download SEO report as PDF

    Up to 50 pages

    2 competitor tracking

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    SEO Pro

    Navigate SEO with a personalised SEO improvement plan & step by step instructions



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    Search engine submission

    Download SEO report as PDF

    Up to 1000 pages

    4 competitor tracking

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    Compare MarketGoo SEO Plans

    Increase your traffic and get better rankings with a SEO plan

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    Search engine submission:

    Connect Google Analytics:

    Monthly progress report:

    Pages scanned:

    Up to 50

    Up to 1000

    Competitor tracking:

    Up to 2

    Up to 4

    Keyword tracking & optimization:

    Up to 5

    Up to 20

    Updated report & plan:



    Custom SEO Plan:


    Complete with step-by-step guide

    Download SEO report as PDF:

    Search Engine Submission

    Newer sites start on the right foot with automatic submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

    Instant SEO Report

    Instantly see an audit covering on-page analysis, keyword rankings, backlinks, speed, mobile checks, and more

    Personalized SEO Plan

    The tasks you need to complete to improve traffic and visibility in search engines.

    Monitor Keywords

    Pick the keywords you want to rank for. You can also monitor your competitors’ keyword rankings and backlinks

    Monitor your Progress

    Get real-time data from your Dashboard and weekly and monthly progress reports

    Optimize your Pages

    Our keyword tool allows you to research keywords, match them to a page on your site, and guides you through complete optimization of that page

    Discreetly keep tabs on Competitors

    See how your SEO efforts stack up to your main competitors’ metrics!

    Evaluates responsive on mobile

    Evaluates how well your website functions on smartphones and tablets

    This is How it Works:

    After detecting all your site’s issues, our easy SEO tool guides you to increased traffic and online visibility


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    See your SEO Report

    Instant overview of your SEO performance


    Follow Your SEO Plan

    With tasks for fixing your site’s specific issues


    Monitor Results

    Get monthly reports on your SEO improvement

    SEO Tools For Every Team

    SEO for all kinds of websites, these are just a few examples


    SEO For Local Businesses

    Every small or multi-location business can grow and attract more clients by using SEO strategies

    Start Right

    Small businesses that are just starting, as well as those more established ones looking to increase their traffic.

    Smart Promotion

    Improving your SEO to promote your products and services to potential clients at the exact time they’re looking for them.

    Get Found

    Customers are relying on search engines like Google to find you. Make yourself as visible as possible.

    SEO For eCommerce

    Increase traffic coming from search engines from people who will turn into customers.

    Guided SEO

    Work on your SEO by completing your tasks for your site, and monitor your site’s performance after you make changes.

    Get Notified

    Neteron SEO tools will notify you whenever an issue arises or occurs within your site.

    A Little Goes a Long Way

    Make regular changes and you will see how these improvements make a difference to your business.

    SEO For Bloggers

    Make your blog as visible as possible to your potential audience!

    Boost your Ranking

    SEO Helps position your website in search engines as your site gets relevant to a searcher’s questions.

    Optimize your Posts

    You’ll understand how to make SEO-friendly posts from the minute the topic idea hits you.

    Choose the Right Keywords

    We’ll walk you through keywords, your rankings, and traffic, and you’ll see reports where your progress can be tracked.

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