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We are committed to provide you with an unique designed custom-made service. Sit, relax and focus on your business while we deal with all the technical aspects of your company.

From implementing a mail server or a file share server to web applications like WordPress and Joomla, or if you need to create a new email box, or configure your DNS records,  or reduce your spam, migrating your infrastructure, keeping security updates, or more interesting things like deploying your private Cloud, VPN tunnel protocols, Routing and Switching and more. 

Features Requested

File Sharing

Secure file sharing, files in the cloud.

Backups Manager

Disaster prevention and data recovery.

User Accounts

User access with control enforcement 


Encoding you data transfer or you storage.

Domain and Subdomains

Implementing the identification of your business autonomy.

DNS Zones

Configuration of your DNS zones

DNS Servers

Your own Domain Name System for storing your records 

Spam Control

Reducing 99.9 % of non desired  mails.

Email Server

If you want to handle your own email files and accounts.

SSH Access

To secure your command line access

SSL Certificates

A cryptographic key to your organization's details.

Security Auditor

Security policy, strong password, scan for open ports

VPN and Tunnel Protocols  

Your private network communication.

Routing and Switching

Switching and routing packages through networks.

Public and Private Cloud

Your own private network in a high level data center.

Load Balancers

Distribute your network or applications.

Cloud Database

Access to your database as a service from everywhere.


Sharing your computational task among multiple devices and locations.

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